Everything i know in life i learned from friends – poster quotes

If you know F.R.I.E.N.D.S then u will surely laugh out loud.This is a very famous friends poster, it has 46 famous quotes from the series friends. i bought this poster off amazon US. so before buying the poster if you want to take a look on the quotes then here they are..

• Never use “we were on a break” as an excuse
• Remember it’s not that common it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal
• Everybody has a lobster
• Quitting the gym is just as hard as quitting the bank
• For more space in bed, use “hug and roll” technique
• Yemen is a good place to escape unwanted girlfriends
• You can do a lot with just cups and ice
• Always say the right name at the alter
• Powder and lotion will not help remove hot and sticky leather pants
• ‘MAN BAGS’ aren’t manly
• Don’t count ‘MISSISSIPPILY’ when in a tanning booth
• “HOW U DOIN” never fails
• If stung by a jellyfish, pee on it
• Never let a monkey near a tv remote
• Only in prison do they ‘CUP’ whilst measuring pants.
• It’s not smelly cats fault
• Always read the whole make up letters all the way through, even if they are 18 pages long, FRONT AND BACK!
• You should leave your synth keyboard in the 80s where it belongs
• A nap with your best friend could be the best nap you’ve ever had
• Never let slip to a child that they are infact adopted
• Meat is not an ingredient of trifle
• There is no such thing as SHARK PORN
• Your first name is not your ‘FAMILY NAME’
• Throwing your own wake is not a good way to meet women
• A ‘day of fun’ is a good way to know someone
• Everyone has an identical hand twin
• Eating too much meat can cause ‘meat sweats’
• It’s never too late to resurrect the routine, just don’t change it
• REGINA PHALANGE and KEN ADAMS make great false names
• It is possible to drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds
• When moving a couch upstairs, PIVOT
• A silent auction is not a place to guess the right price
• Always double check your measurements when making an entertainment unit
• Playing too much on the arcade machine can lead to getting ‘THE CLAW’
• UGLY, NAKED and GUY do not make for an attractive combination
• Never pose for a V.D. poster campaign
• ‘PHEEBS’ is short for phoebe, it’s not just what we call our friends
• Never let a chick and a duck near a fussball table
• Wooden spoons and toy trucks make great massaging tools
• Never put your head in a turkey
• Taping oven mitts to your hands will prevent you from scratching chicken-pox
• Never bet your apartment in a game of ‘WHO KNOWS WHO’
• Don’t leave teeth whitening gel on for longer than recommended
• W.E.N.U.S stands for…… UMMM?….
• Everybody is entitled to a ‘freebie’ list of 5 celebrities they can sleep with if the opportunity arises
• There are 7 basic erogenous zones. Start out with a little 1, a 2, a 1-2-3, a 3, a 5, a 4, a 3-2, 2, a 2-4-6, 2-4-6, 4, 2, 2, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7… 7…. 7…. 7 7 7 7 7 7 SEVEN!

My personal favourite is the last one, makes me laugh every time i read it. tell me yours…

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35 Comments on “Everything i know in life i learned from friends – poster quotes”

  1. parth Says:

    heyy nice work dude i liked them alot lol…

  2. Dr.Mike Says:

    Thanks for making the quotes available. I wasn’t going to order the poster without knowing what was on it, now I will!

  3. i love friends i have that poster seen every single episode of friends many many many times before and i havent never will get boared of it. i know the words to every single one of pheobes (lisa kudrow) songs. intresting fact apartmment 20 was actually apartment 5 in the begining.and the frame around the peep hole was a mistake it was actually a mirror only one of the crew members broke it. matthew perry,david shwimmer,matt le blanc,lisa kudrow,jennifer aniston and courtney cox are my absolute heroes! friends is the best!
    ijust wish marta kuffman david krane and kevin bright would make another 10 series of friends.

    • khamoshpathak Says:

      thanks for the comment. i do too love friends… have seen it a lot of times. and my day doesnt end without seeing one episode…i love the whole gang.. especially chandler.. he is the funniest character i know… matthew perry rocks…


    • Friends fan forever! Says:

      ^ This person right there knows what they are talking about, I couldn’t agree more with them, I not only wish they make another 10 seasons but never end the seasons and make a film at least!
      I have this poster and the one of them sitting on the skyscraper also I have the complete box set and watch them over and over again since I’ve had them! I can honestly say that nearly everything I know about life I’ve learnt from friends!

      • Caitlin Says:

        Im a ridiculous friends fan, I even corrected a blueprint of Monica and joeys apartment that someone made! Got the box set, watch it every single day, got the friends till the end book, skyscraper poster, quotes poster, Monica’s French poster and I even have a replica of the peephole frame around my flats peephole!

  4. […] Everything i know in life i learned from friends – poster quotes « The one with all abou… […]

  5. grace Says:

    I heard there are a few mistakes on them, where there mistakes on yours?

    If so which ones.


  6. Wood Shelf Says:

    ,-` I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ;-:

  7. blakely! Says:

    my best friend got me HOOKED on friends. i currently have 140 episodes of it on my dvr and refuse to delete them to make space for other things.
    so i was going to get her this poster for her birthday cause its like our show but i didnt want to get it unless i knew what it said, so thanks for posting this! (:

  8. kass Says:

    WENUS = Weekly estimated net usage system lol lol love this

  9. Grass Says:

    LOL everhing in life i have learnt from friends

  10. How you doin Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I laughed at the one about Ross’s leather pants cuz thats my favourite episode!

  11. gd Says:

    chandler to joey: you HAVE to stop the Q-Tip when there is resistance.

  12. Corine Says:

    Always remember to have enough chop sticks on hand so you can make a stick to poke the guy across the street to make sure he is still alive.

  13. Friad Says:

    “HOW U DOIN” fails in season 6 on the dancer who moves in to Joey’s appartment.

  14. John Says:

    Did you know…
    Chandler and Phoebe were originally conceived as minor characters.
    I’m glad this turned out not to be true — I like the balance of all six, though it’s clear that Chandler’s character is the most generic (i.e. sitcom-y) and, hence, the least 3-dimensional. Matthew Perry does a good job with his role, though it’s the least interesting of the six.
    The writing on this show is its secret ingredient.

  15. Jilliana Says:

    I’ve got one; ‘A sphinx cat is not a cat.’

  16. appppp Says:

    A men’s apple is not called by his name.. it is simply called Adam’s apple.

  17. Mli Says:

    I love FRIENDS! 😀 I’ve seen all the episodes like 20 times!
    But I still don’t get tired of them.
    Friends was the best, are still the best, and will always be BEST! ❤

  18. Sandy Says:

    “never go commando in another man’s fatigues”

  19. Becca Says:

    Unagi is not only a salmon skin roll, it is Ross’s way of preparing the girls for danger.

  20. marina Says:

    thanks 🙂
    the W.E.N.U.S. (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems) reminds me of the first seasons and it makes me happy. No, I believe that all seasons were awesome, I just love the old days a lot 🙂 Chandler makes me happy

  21. Sibbo Says:

    You can prove you’re a musician by playing air-piano.

  22. Ernie Says:

    Never use the phrase, “Yes in deedy Oh” on an answering machine.

  23. Melica Says:

    “we were on a break!!” cracks me up every time ross tries to justify himself.

    “P as in phoebe, H as in heebie, O as in obie, E as in eebie, B as in beebie, and E as in.. ello there mate!”

    I just got hooked to Friends in my 3rd year of uni and it seriously never gets old.. If there was ever an award for “Best timeless TV series”, Friends should win hands down. Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey–my favourites.
    They should’ve totally made a Friends movie!

  24. Pauline Says:

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    3G .. Anyways, wonderful blog!

    • khamoshpathak Says:

      the site is ad free, Only has two posts and one aim. To make FRIENDS fans relive the magic. Thanks for the appreciation.

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  26. Nathalie Says:

    “When your best friend says the wrong name at the alter, always put a box under the bed with condoms so you can repopulate the earth again”

  27. Ohhh my GOD thank u sooo much…that was just a beautiful way to start my saturday&my favourite is also z last one!7 7 7

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